Transformation Facility

The CGEF operates a maize transformation platform that can be accessed by other groups at VIB, other academic groups and companies. Next to transformation, we can help with related activities such as T-DNA copy number determination,  construct design, cloning and genotyping. Together with the VIB Agro-Incubator we also can progress a project several generations and upscale seed.


  • Genotype: B104
  • Transformation method: Agrobacterium tumefaciens EHA105
  • Events: 5-10 independent events. On average 13 T0 plants are obtained in each experiment of which 8 are independent.
  • Capacity: on average we transform 50 constructs each year


For academic groups

Material: T1 seeds. On average 50 seeds of each event is sent. T0s are self-crossed and/or back-crossed depending on the experiment.

Time line: 8 months from receiving construct to sending seeds

Cost: 7500 € (August 2022)

Within the EU we can also ship T0 plantlets in plastic containers for a reduced cost.

For industry contact us for more information

Additional services include:

  • CRISPR/Cas experimental design
  • Genotyping of gene edits
  • T-DNA copy number determination using digital PCR
  • Upscaling at Agro-Incubator
  • Interactomics in collaboration with the De Jaeger Group.
  • Automated phenotyping in collaboration with Systems Biology Of Yield group or Agro-Incubator
  • More advanced genome editing techniques in collaboration with the  Tom Jacobs lab.


  • For movement within the European Union, whether for use in containment or for an experimental release, no specific import or export permits are necessary. The receiving party needs to have the necessary permits in place in order to be able to lawfully receive the GMO material. In addition, the material will be subject to an MTA.

Contact: Laurens Pauwels [email protected]

Key publication: 

Aesaert S.°, Impens L.°, Coussens G.°, Van Lerberge E., Vanderhaeghen R., Desmet L., Vanhevel Y., Bossuyt S., Wambua A.N., Van Lijsebettens M., Inzé D., De Keyser E., Jacobs T.B., Karimi M. and Pauwels L.* (2022). Optimized transformation and gene editing of the B104 public maize inbred by improved tissue culture and use of morphogenic regulators. Front. Plant Sci. 13, 883847.

Published examples from other universities: 

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